Growth with a complex product palette

Today, FORTEC occupies the three highly attractive product areas Display Technology, Embedded Systems and Power Supplies in high-quality electronics. These fast-growing product areas dovetail with each other technically and are marketed to the same target user groups. FORTEC aims to create additional value by integrating these individual components into complete subsystems.

Two segments with clear strengths and broad positioning

Our areas of expertise in distribution, development, production, and compilation of customized solutions are reflected in our two segments.

Power Supplies

Our strengths:

  • Know-how-leadership in application
  • Problem-solving and technical service
  • Close cooperation with market leaders

Our markets:

  • Medtech and communication technology
  • Automation, measurement, and control technology
  • Rail traffic and signal technology

Display Technology, Embedded Systems

Our strengths:

  • Own engineering of hard- and software
  • Complex production processes such as VacuBond
  • Consulting for the realisation of complex visualisation solutions

Our markets:

  • Automation and robotics
  • Medicine, measurement and control technology
  • Security technology

Our Mission

We offer our customers besides standard solutions and customer-specific products the whole range of services regarding system integration and system solutions. Our activities always focus on customer benefit combined with sustainable added value for the company.


Growth target for 2022/23: revenue of 100 million euro

Growth by ...

  • Expansion of our warehous capacities in the area of distribution
  • Expansion and increase of sales activities
  • Reasonable acquisitions
  • Internationalisation

Higher margin by ...

  • Increased sales of solutions
  • Innovative (in-house) products
  • Additional services/products (added value)
  • Stronger focus on project business

Our Vision

In the combination of Power Supplies, Display Technology and Embedded Computer Technology to a complete subsystem the FORTEC Group's sees its growth potential. The goal is to position the company as a competent solutions provider in the national market and drive forward its internationalisation.


Foundation Phase

1990 Stock market launch

1984 Foundation


2018 Expansion England

2014 England and USA

2009 Czech Republic

2005 Benelux

2000 Switzerland & Austria

Development of product portfolio

2020 Lease of operational business to subsidiaries & development into a clear management holding

2015 Entry in own development & production in segment data visualisation

2007 Entry in own development & production in segment Power Supplies

1998 Entry in Embedded Computers

1995 Expansion with display solutions

1992 Sales of Power Supplies