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Display Technology

High-quality display solutions for industry, medicine, aerospace

We are specialists for displays and display system solutions. We work together with renowned manufacturers and are constantly expanding our product portfolio with new sizes and shapes as well as future-oriented technologies. In addition to distribution, our services include the customer-specific development and adaptation of monitor systems. No matter if product refinement or assembly, single part or finished product - we will find the ideal solution for our customers' project.



Our Display-Portfolio includes:

  • Diagonals from 1.77" to 85" for indoor or outdoor use
  • Designs from rugged and robust to light and slim
  • Special formats like bar-type, round or transparent displays

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We upgrade displays with various features depending on our customers' requirements:

  • Touchscreens with multi-touch, water and glove recognition
  • TFT controller with object-based operation and network capability
  • Mediaplayer or Raspberry Pi based IoT solutions
  • Integrated PCs of different performance levels

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Corporate Structure

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