About FORTEC Group

The FORTEC Group is a leading supplier of individual components and systems in the areas of Display Technology, Embedded Systems and Power Supplies, and is the only company on the market that can combine this know-how into integrated solutions. We offer a full range of services – from distribution, development and production to complete solutions for the Industry 4.0 age.

Founded in 1984, the FORTEC Group combines the strength of a growing, stock-exchange listed company with the flexibility of a medium-sized business. Our organisation has a decentralised structure; FORTEC Elektronik AG, based in Germering near Munich, acts as a holding company and drives our internationalisation. We now have sites and subsidiaries in Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the USA.

In 2020, the Grow Together strategy was developed to grow together into a global partner for unlimited technology solutions. In July 2023, the first major visible step was taken.

Since then, the subsidiaries have gradually merged to form the FORTEC brand. The companies are each given a descriptor to distinguish them.

  • Distec became FORTEC Integrated
  • Emtron became FORTEC Power (which also includes Autronic)
  • Alltronic became FORTEC Czech Republic
  • ALTRAC became FORTEC Switzerland
  • Display Technology became FORTEC United Kingdom
  • The other subsidiaries will follow.

Legal entity, management, billing address and personnel will remain the same as before.

Long-lasting customer partnerships

All businesses have one requirement in common: using our expertise and speed, we create long-term value for our customers in all industries. That is how we establish long-term partnerships of equals with our customers. Our customers interact with qualified employees for whom flexibility, reliability and transparency are givens.

By living the traditional values of a medium-sized business, we also continually improve our international competitiveness.


This is the combination that creates a firm basis for long-term growth and gives our owners an attractive stake in our business success.


The FORTEC Group shows sustained growth

The following indicators show how our company has developed over the past five years:


Focus on long-term growth

Since its establishment, the FORTEC Group has developed from a trading company into a system supplier for industrial high-tech products. Today, we are active in three growing markets: Display Technologies, Embedded Systems and Power Supplies. More and more frequently, we are combining our competences so we can offer our customers complete subsystems.

Our integrated solutions expertise creates a strong basis for long-term growth. Three other factors are also involved:

  • Internationalisation: from a strong position in Germany, we systematically pursue our expansion in foreign markets. The FORTEC Group is now represented in six countries where it has its own sites
  • Acquisitions: targeted acquisitions strengthen our technological expertise and expand our market position in individual countries. In 2018, for example, we acquired two companies in Great Britain.
  • Expansion of digital sales activities: as a medium-sized enterprise, our strength lies in close collaboration with our customers. We are increasingly using digital tools for this purpose, allowing us to speed up processes while increasing efficiency at the same time.

Our goal is not growth at any price, but profitable growth. The FORTEC Group has been a successful business for more than 35 years. These four factors help further strengthen our profitability:

  • Expansion of our solutions business: Sales of complete subsystems for displays, embedded systems and power supplies create new margin opportunities as well as additional possibilities for growth.
  • More innovation: As part of our transition to becoming a system supplier we have systematically expanded our development capacity. Today we offer tailor-made solutions for our customers’ specific challenges and a growing number of our own high-margin products.
  • More additional services: We are supplementing our technological solutions with know-how in mechanics, engineering and production, allowing us to strengthen existing customer relationships and build new ones.
  • Expansion of our project business: Our growing solutions expertise together with a range of additional services increasingly allows us to manage entire projects by ourselves.

New opportunities in the Internet of Things with Industry 4.0 applications

An especially clear picture of the opportunities that FORTEC’s combined strengths are opening up for our Group is provided by the emerging Industry 4.0 market. Currently, we are already offering intelligent power supplies that can be controlled and monitored with I2C or other interfaces. These are complemented by IoT Compact Panels with Raspberry PI modules that are perfect as a basis for Industry 4.0 applications. That is where we are starting from. For the future, we foresee a broad spectrum of applications in construction automation, production automation and the smart grid.

This strategy will allow the FORTEC Group to grow sustainably also in the current decade. At the same time, customer proximity and the broad positioning minimize the risks of economic fluctuations and guarantee constant profitability even in times of recessions.