Code of Conduct

The success and reputation of FORTEC Elektronik Aktiengesellschaft and all companies affiliated with this company depend to a large extent on each of us behaving lawfully and honestly and committing ourselves to our corporate values - integrity, respect and openness.

With this Code, the executive and supervisory boards, the entire management team and all employees of the FORTEC Group undertake to comply with all legal provisions incumbent on us and also with the Group‘s internal guidelines. The Code of Conduct applies to all subsidiaries and business units of FORTEC Elektronik AG and its affiliated companies worldwide.

Due to our business activities in several countries, it may occur that local laws, regulations or customs are in conflict with our Code of Conduct. If there are conflicts or differences between applicable legal requirements and our Code of Conduct, the stricter standard must be followed.


Dealing with the Code of Conduct

Please speak to your manager, the compliance team, the executive board, the supervisory board or a person within the company that you trust if you require any assistance, or if you observe a possible violation of this Code of Conduct.